A Unique Valentines Day Gift For Boyfriends & Husbands

A Unique Valentines Day Gift For Boyfriends & Husbands

Finding a good Valentines Day gift for husbands and boyfriends is a tough task for woman.  Men are not impressed by jewelry, chocolates, and flowers.  They are not moved by romantic gifts.  The trick to impressing your man on Valentines Day, is to present him with a gift that guys like in a romantic way.

Our NCAA cornhole boards make great gift items for men who follow NCAA sports or is a student or alumni of an NCAA school.  Here is a creative way to present a cornhole board as a Valentines Day gift.

  1. Set the boards side by side or slightly angled towards each other
  2. Stick flowers down the hole of one board
  3. Lay a Valentines day card in front of the flowers
  4. Place a box of chocolates on the other board

Feel free to get creative.  For example, you can place other gift items on the board besides chocolates.  Perhaps a box of cologne or a watch.  You can also try placing things inside the hole, such as a trail of candy leading from the top of the board into the hole.  Play around with the presentation to get the look you want.  It is also recommended that you try to find a flower arrangement that is loyal to the school colors.

Take it a step forward and plan a romantic picnic or BBQ dinner, if you live some place warm, and present it to him at the picnic spot or backyard; where you'll spend the day eating, enjoying one another's company, and playing some cornhole.

This NCAA cornhole gift arrangement will surely please your boyfriend or husband this Valentines Day; while keeping the romance element alive.  Order your cornhole set and start gathering the other pieces of your arrangement in time to surprise the man in your life with the perfect gift on February 14th.