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A Killer Gift For College Students

If you're looking for a killer gift for college students, you've come to the right place.  Finding Christmas, birthday, or graduation gifts for college kids can seem tricky, but really it's quite simple.  College kids like to have fun.  The way to their heart is to give the gift of fun.  And if you can somehow link it to something they love, have passion for, or pride in, you'll win them over without certainty. 

NCAA cornhole game sets marry the fun and excitement of cornhole with the passion of school pride.  You know without a shadow of a doubt that college kids have pride in their school because it's something they chose.  College is one of the first major decisions kids have to make, so when they pick a school it's for a reason that they are passionate about.  That's what makes NCAA collegiate cornhole boards such a smart choice when shopping for a gift for a student attending college.

Cornhole is a game that is being enjoyed by college kids all over the world at campus parties, tailgates, barbecues, camping trips, and other outings.  It is loved by girls and guys alike because anyone can play and compete with any challenger big or small; male or female.  It's a simple game, that is challenging enough to keep players engaged in competition for hours.

A standard cornhole game set includes two 2x4 foot cornhole boards and a set of 8 toss bags (4 for each player).  The game boards are angled in a ramp like fashion; with a hole near the top of the raised end.  The boards are placed at least 27 feet apart and the object of the game is to toss the corn filled bags into the board on the opposite end.  The game can be played one on one or with teams of two.   The player(s) who toss the most bags down the offensive hole wins.

In recent years, the creative design of cornhole boards have taken on a life of it's own creating a demand for boards reflecting the interests and passions of the owner.  Our officially licensed NCAA cornhole boards have four signature designs that take on the branding traits of the school they represent.  These designs include a distressed wood, slanted, swoosh, and racing stripe style cornhole boards.

To illustrate these four signature designs, let's look at the Brigham Young cornhole collection.

The distressed wood style cornhole board has an aged wood appearance with the school's logo. 

The slanted model boasts a deviant black gradient background with a textured illusion and slighty slanted team logo.

The swoosh patterned cornhole board is the most artsy of the designs.  Executed with the school colors over a textured looking background, the swoosh design impressively highlights the team logo.

The racing stripe design also bears the school color and logo attributes; however, it is presented in a simple, but sporty racing stripe fashion over a false textured background.

All of our cornhole boards are complimented with a set of school branded toss bags and carrying case; so whether they are playing the game or toting it around campus in the tote; they'll be doing so with pride. 

If you're looking for a smaller gesture, our less popular tabletop cornhole boards make a good alternative.  These miniature cornhole boards are available in the distressed wood, slanted, and swoosh style and come with non-branded mini toss bags.  They are a fraction of the cost and are ideal for indoor play.

Search our store for their team and surprise your recipient with an NCAA cornhole game set on their special day.  They will absolutely love it or we will buy it back from you with our no hassle return policy.